I'm Amanda. You find me at the intersection of research, design, and a good story.


First off, thanks for dropping by. Most likely, you're either busy or procrastinating so I'll just get straight to the point. I'm an interaction designer. To me, interaction design is about intentionally crafting the way humans interact with each other and their environment, be it in physical or digital space.


I use a plethora of research and design tools to do what I do, but it's really the thinking that gets me excited. I love to solve complex problems, especially in a collaborative, mission-driven, and impact-oriented fashion.


My Mediums

— Interactions
— Services
— Products
— Experiences
— Communities
— Systems
— Content

My Process

— Research
— Synthesize
— Ideate
— Prototype
— Test
— Analyze
— Iterate

Select Tools

— OnE-onE-one interviews
— Ethnographic studies
— Co-creation workshops
— Insights mapping
— Personas
— User journeys
— Taskflows


That's it, really. You can get back to whatever you were doing. 

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